The Electronic Driver’s Licence


The Electronic Driver Licence is the digital version of your physical Driver Licence (physical card). It is available on your smartphone through the various app stores.

  • The electronic licence is optional and available at an additional nominal fee.
  • It is designed to be used in addition to the holders physical card.
  • Updates are applied in real time. This means that holders no longer have to wait for a new physical card to be dispatched to them when renewing or reissuing their licences.
  • The app works offline and can be viewed when you have no data coverage.
  • Your licence information is protected by the security on your phone (PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition) as well as the security of the app.

Additional Information

​Your security and privacy

To ensure the security and privacy of holders’ data, comprehensive security measures have been implemented to protect holders’ information and identity at all times. These measures are similar to those used for internet banking.

​If you lose your phone

If you lose your smartphone, your electronic driver licence is protected by your phone’s PIN, your Electronic Licence app PIN and, any other security/authentication mechanisms you normally use with your phone (including biometric authentication).

​What to do if you cannot access the Internet

The Electronic Driver’s Licence is available offline as long as you are logged into the app. You'll be required to use your PIN at all times to access your licence.